Meet Dr. Debbie Chatman Bryant, RN

Dr. Debbie Chatman Bryant, RN, is a Berkeley County native who has spent her life working tirelessly to improve the lives of those in her community.


Born and raised in Moncks Corner, SC, Debbie came of age in the midst of the Civil Rights movement. Her class was one of the first to be integrated, and throughout the early years of her education she was overlooked by teachers and classmates who did not want her there and wrote her off as incapable.


Encouraged by her parents, Debbie never gave up in the face of adversity. Her father used to tell her that “education equals independence, freedom, and the passage to success.” She referred to those words often, receiving her Doctorate in Nursing and encouraging educational excellence for all South Carolinians. 

Debbie's interest in becoming a nurse developed during childhood. Debbie experienced personal childhood health challenges and during her treatments and hospitalizations, many of her care providers explained things in a way that Debbie and her parents could not understand.


That experience shaped Debbie’s professional career - she vowed that she would communicate to people in a way they would best understand. Further, she would work to increase healthcare access, reduce cost, and optimize the experience for all.

Debbie received her Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She is now the Associate Dean for Practice in the College of Nursing at MUSC, a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, and both a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leader (2012) & Executive Nurse Fellow (2014-2017). She is the recipient of the Palmetto Gold Nursing Award and many other such acknowledgments for leadership, compassion and service. 


Dr. Chatman Bryant is an active member of the National Black Nurses’ Association, the Quality Improvement Committee for Select Health of South Carolina and the Health Equity Team for The Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina.

Debbie is known for her knowledge, her public speaking and creativity in providing solutions, her innovative programs for the American Nurses Association,  and her sustainable and cost-effective care delivery to hard-to-reach underserved communities.


Dr. Chatman Bryant has worked tirelessly to expand access to and affordability of cancer screenings and is known for engaging patients in a way that leads to better health outcomes for patients, providers and organizations. 

Debbie is also proud of her community efforts outside of healthcare. After the heartbreaking massacre at Emanuel AME, Debbie helped lead a collaborative effort as part of the steering committee for the “Illumination Project,” at the request of former Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen.


The year-long preamble steering committee worked to foster an understanding of how to build better bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve, with the goal of strengthening those ties while also reducing disparities and violent crime. The positive impact of this collaborative effort is featured in the new National Law Enforcement Museum in our nation’s capital.

Debbie lives in Goose Creek with her husband Jeff, retired Army. They have two grown children, Logan and Dionah. 

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Public Health
  • Increase funding to build our public health infrastructure and programs

  • Ensure that our hospitals have the funds and resources they need - tests, equipment, PPE

  • Expand health insurance access so that our most vulnerable do not go without care and our hospitals are not saddled with debt

  • Protect and expand access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare

  • Dramatically expand COVID-19 testing and tracing

  • Appoint a nonpartisan, independent special commission made up of citizens that accurately reflect our state's demographics

  • Allow citizens to provide public input 

  • Make all meetings and proceedings of the commission publicly available

  • Require districts to be compact and contiguous and follow logical existing boundaries, such as a river or a major highway.

  • Increase teacher pay 

  • Encourage workforce and economic development strategies to attract teachers to return to their SC communities 

  • Support social and economic growth with students to teacher "cradle to college programs" for those who want to become teachers

  • Target funding to public schools and largely discourage the use of public funds for private schools

  • Intimately involve teachers and educators in the decision-making process when determining changes required for SC schools

  • Work with public school experts, parents, and students on strategies to move SC schools systems from 43rd in the country to one that is recognized as a national leader in public education

  • Ban offshore drilling to protect our coastal resources and tourism economy

  • Require businesses to keep conservation at the forefront of development decisions

  • Increase investment in clean, renewable energy in our state

  • Protect our wildlife, waterways, and natural resources

  • Work with environmental experts to create bold solutions to address climate change and reduce its impact on our state

  • Increase funding to improve our roads and bridges

  • Invest in public transportation

  • Ensure that our public infrastructure meets the needs of our fastest-growing areas

Debbie Chatman Bryant: A leader for SC Senate District 44

Dr. Debbie Chatman Bryant, RN, is a Berkeley County native who has spent her life in service to her community. As a child, she recognized a need in her community - a disconnect between healthcare providers and the people they served. As an adult, she has spent her career meeting that need, demonstrating unwavering leadership in the fight to make healthcare affordable and accessible for every resident, especially the underserved.

While we live in unprecedented times, Debbie is a proven leader that has faced challenges head-on throughout her life and established sustainable solutions - growing up in the midst of the Civil Rights movement, she was among the first students to be integrated in the classroom and was often underestimated and overlooked. Debbie was committed to education, overcoming personal and social barriers in the classroom to complete a doctorate in nursing. In addition to Dr. Bryant's commitment to education, she is a decorated health practitioner for her life-long efforts to optimize communty and public health in South Carolina. 


 Dr. Debbie Chatman Bryant understands the needs of those around her because she has lived them and worked throughout her career to solve problems and optimize access to healthcare and health education. She’s ready to take her expertise and leadership experience to the State Senate and serve District 44Learn More.

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