When we started out on this journey, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get one single vote, let alone more than 23,000 votes. 

We didn’t know if we’d be able to raise the funding needed to get our message out. With the support of well over one thousand individual contributors, with donations ranging from one dollar to the maximum allowable, we were able to reach more people than I knew would be possible. 

Unfortunately, the election results were not what we had hoped. 


While we are not able to claim an electoral win today, we most certainly have achieved a moral victory, and one that I’m very proud of-- and I hope you are too. 

We made every effort to run an uplifting campaign, one focused solely on doing the most good possible for the people of Senate District 44, and all of South Carolina. We remained laser focused on important issues, like ending COVID-19’s damage, improving our schools, fixing our infrastructure, expanding access to healthcare, and improving outcomes for future generations.

The unfortunate truth is, in an election year like this, it was exceedingly difficult to break through the noise of larger races outside of our control. Our message resonated, but with so much static in the air, we simply weren’t able to have it penetrate at the level we needed. 

I’m proud that we stayed true to my belief that politics shouldn’t be viewed as a game of “red vs blue.” Who we choose to elect to public office shouldn’t be looked at as a game at all.


Election results are more than points on a board.

Elections directly affect lives, from potholes to schools, to access to life saving medical treatment.


Improving lives has been the center of my career, my motivation for entering this race, and it was the core of the campaign we’ve run. 


As I’ve said throughout the last seven months, not many people would have expected a young Black girl growing up in Berkeley County during the Civil Rights Era to go on to become a nurse, scholar, associate dean, and a serious contender for the South Carolina State Senate.


Today I tell you that, at every step of my journey, I arrived there because people like you have believed in me. For that I am forever grateful, and forever humbled. 


While I cannot say what comes next, I can tell you my passion for improving the lives of our communities, and individual people, will never waiver. I will continue to be thankful beyond words for all of you and your support. I will carry your stories, encouragement, friendship, and your devotion to making the world a better place with me forever. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


With gratitude and love, 



Paid for by Dr. Debbie C. Bryant, RN for SC Senate District 44