Public Health
  • Increase funding to build our public health infrastructure and programs

  • Ensure that our hospitals have the funds and resources they need - tests, equipment, PPE

  • Expand health insurance access so that our most vulnerable do not go without care and our hospitals are not saddled with debt

  • Protect and expand access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare

  • Dramatically expand COVID-19 testing and tracing

  • Appoint a nonpartisan, independent special commission made up of citizens that accurately reflect our state's demographics

  • Allow citizens to provide public input 

  • Make all meetings and proceedings of the commission publicly available

  • Require districts to be compact and contiguous and follow logical existing boundaries, such as a river or a major highway.

  • Increase teacher pay 

  • Encourage workforce and economic development strategies to attract teachers to return to their SC communities 

  • Support social and economic growth with students to teacher "cradle to college programs" for those who want to become teachers

  • Target funding to public schools and largely discourage the use of public funds for private schools

  • Intimately involve teachers and educators in the decision-making process when determining changes required for SC schools

  • Work with public school experts, parents, and students on strategies to move SC schools systems from 43rd in the country to one that is recognized as a national leader in public education

  • Ban offshore drilling to protect our coastal resources and tourism economy

  • Require businesses to keep conservation at the forefront of development decisions

  • Increase investment in clean, renewable energy in our state

  • Protect our wildlife, waterways, and natural resources

  • Work with environmental experts to create bold solutions to address climate change and reduce its impact on our state

  • Increase funding to improve our roads and bridges

  • Invest in public transportation

  • Ensure that our public infrastructure meets the needs of our fastest-growing areas

Paid for by Dr. Debbie C. Bryant, RN for SC Senate District 44